About Me

Have a Bachelor degree from TU Berlin, now working as a software engineer and scrum master at Swedbank Latvia.

I would like to think of myself that I take every task on my work seriously and prefer difficult assignments, requiring root cause analysis and deep system understanding to a quick “move that button and get praise for it” tasks, but it’s better to ask my colleagues about it. Have an interest in Quality Assurance and Machine Learning, on my current work I have to deal with lots of domain-logic heavy applications.

Other than that I’m an active family-oriented guy with a passion for learning languages (study Italian at the moment), and depending on the team I can be fun to work with.

Programming Languages (sorted by experience):

Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, Python, Haskell, Rust


  • Java: Spring, Java EE
  • Python: Flask
  • Node.Js


  • JavaScript: Angular.js, jQuery, highcharts

Machine Learning:

  • Python with NumPy and SciPy
  • Julia language looks really interesting, but for now had no time to lay my hands on it

Sometimes I experiment with Haskell and Rust, but with my current line of work, there’s not much time for that.

Also have experience with

  • CI & CD Systems: Managing Go, GitLab and Jenkins, developing plugins and extensions
  • Performacne testing with JMeter and Gatling
  • Working with MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle DB
  • Testdroid device cloud
  • Bitbucket, Gerrit
  • Docker
  • Data analysis with SPSS
  • Machine Leraning
  • Amazon AWS (ec2, DynamoDB, s3)